Safety and aesthetics carefully balanced in glass fencing

Glass helps to preserve views and light, and creates openness in the room.

Glass balustrades are an elegant and functional solution for indoor and outdoor spaces. Their translucency allows natural lighting and maintains a visual connection between the interior and the surroundings. This feature visually expands the space and creates a feeling of brightness and spaciousness. The use of glass balustrades also allows clean lines and a minimalist appearance to be maintained, contributing to the aesthetic perception of the space. Their simplicity fits perfectly with modern and classical architectural styles.

About our glass railings ...

Glass fences are distinguished by their transparency, which allows natural light and views to be preserved, while providing a high level of security. They use impact-resistant safety glass, which prevents potential accidents. Glass railings are easy to maintain and adaptable to different shapes and dimensions. Their translucency allows indoor and outdoor environments to merge, creating a feeling of spaciousness and openness. This makes glass fences the right choice for those who want an aesthetically appealing solution that does not compromise the safety of their space.


Choose the series of your choice

Balustrade series

The Balustrade series is a glass balustrade system that can be mounted above or in front of a panel. Choose from different handle options such as square with 60 mm width, circular with 66 mm diameter or elliptical with 80 mm diameter. The maximum dimensions between the uprights are 1,000 mm and the minimum height is 900 mm.

Infinity Series

The series offers a variety of mounting options including above-panel, in-panel, side-panel and inset edge-panel mounting. The system offers two main safety categories, View Crystal 1.0 kN/m and View Crystal Plus 3.0 kN/m. In addition, it offers 12 innovative glass balustrade options, including double glazing in a range of thicknesses and premium toughened glass for aesthetic sophistication and safety.