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We specialise in the manufacture and installation of awnings and glass surfaces that allow you to enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions. In addition, we offer a superior window and door service to ensure your home remains comfortable and secure. Our commitment to safety continues with a variety of security solutions that include security doors and windows that protect your home from unwanted situations. With our comprehensive services, you get high quality and reliability in one place.


Our canopies are designed with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. Features of our canopies include high quality materials that are UV and rust resistant, extending the life of the canopy. In addition, our canopies are flexible, with a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to adapt to your needs. With these canopies, you can enjoy comfort and protection from the weather without sacrificing appearance.

Zasteklevanje leta 1999


In 1999, glazing was a challenging task, with many of our friends lending their hands. Today, we use a Winlet glazing robot to help us, and invite our friends over for a get-together when the job is done.

Winlet 350 is only 690 mm wide, so it can be moved through one door. Despite this, it can lift glass panels weighing up to 350 kg and up to 2.5 metres high. Gyroscopic controls allow loads to be locked in any chosen plane, allowing the glass to be positioned in the opening with millimetre accuracy and confidence.

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In addition to the products and services you can find on our website, we offer a range of other options for designing your home and its surroundings. All our bespoke products are made from high quality materials. Take a look at our solutions in the image gallery. Do you have a wish but don't know who can make it happen for you?


Unfortunately, the perpetrators never rest and are well equipped. The most effective protection against burglary is to increase the security of the elements. The more steel locking elements that are integrated into the sash of a window, the greater the security. A window latch with a key-operated mechanism prevents a burglar from moving the latch and opening the window sash. Appropriate security glazing, such as laminated security glass, also contributes greatly to the security of the window.

We offer a basic level of security as standard, which means that the joinery is fitted with features that provide basic security and prevent the casual offender from breaking in.

All security-relevant parts of the hardware are made from high-quality alloy aluminium, including two corner closers with locking pins and safety catches. (The locking pin is fully engaged in the safety catch when closing.) A window handle with a locking mechanism is also recommended to reinforce basic security.